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Side Effects of Steroids in Athletes


Paul Becker
PO Box 2471
Hillsboro, OR 97123
Phone: 503-648-1898


Steroid use is on the rise in today's society. Steroids are becoming a part of the lives of many people in all aspects of life, athletes (professional, and amateur), males, females, non-athletes, and even adolescents. Steroids have many side effects, both physical and psychological. The physical side effects can be severe from long-term use of these drugs. Also the psychological side effects can make the users of steroids very dangerous to themselves and people around them.

According to Paul Becker, a drug free bodybuilder and personal trainer "The trouble is people are taking steroids to look better and get stronger, faster, and quicker with no effort. What they are actually getting is a body that is like a time bomb waiting to explode. These drugs may help you look good for a short period of time, but they are also destroying the user's body."

"Because of these problems steroids are illegal in many countries. It is illegal to possess, sell and use these drugs. Even though organizations are testing for the use of steroids, this is not stopping the increase of people using the drugs. Athletes who are tested are finding ways of passing tests, the situation is really out of control."

Paul is doing all he can to promote drug free fitness and sports, he has extensively researched and developed proper exercise and nutritional programs that get the kind of quick results people want so they won't feel the need to resort to illegal and dangerious drugs.

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For information: http://www.trulyhuge.com or
Contact: thmuscle@aol.com
Phone: 503-648-1898

About The Author: Paul Becker is a natural (steroid free for life) bodybuilder and fitness consultant. He is the author of many ebooks and courses on training and diet. For more information visit his website at http://www.trulyhuge.com

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