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Lose Your Gut & Get Ripped Abs

By: Craig Ballantyne

You want to lose your gut?

Goodbye situps, hello intervals.

There's no such thing as spot reducing exercises, but according to Australian research, interval training can actually help spot reduce belly fat more than body fat anywhere else on the body, so when you do interval training and you lose fat it's mostly coming from around your abs.

Interval training is a big part of Turbulence Training, obviously that means that people are going to have a great opportunity to lose belly fat and therefore see their abdominals better than ever before.

In Turbulence Training, don't spend 30 minutes three times per week on abdominals in the Turbulence Training programs, but we do put in the most effective abdominal exercises, maybe one or two, in each workout or maybe just one or two for the entire week.

And we only use the best exercises incorporated into a total body workout to boost metabolism and help get your abdominal muscles ready so that when you get the body fat off you'll see them.

Total body exercises can build 6-pack abs as fast as crunches. And most people if they're just doing exercises on a machine sitting down, they don't realize how hard these total body exercises are actually working your abdominals.

So that's why we use these, what I call multi-muscle exercises, rather than sitting down in a machine type of exercises.

You can burn stomach fat and get abs at home with minimal equipment.

Most people don't realize how hard their stomach is working to maintain that proper pushup position when actually doing the movement. And most of the exercises I do for the abs people wouldn't think that they are for the abs like the pushup.

People still tend to believe movements like crunches and other exercises where you're laying on your back work your abs the best. But you will get great results with interval training and other total body exercises. That combination's far more effective than any type of crunch or other exercises where the ground is supporting your back.

And you know what? The best abdominals that I ever saw on people were on athletes who had never actually done any abdominal exercises in their entire lives.

They were just very fit athletes but their sporting movements and their other training gave them the abdominals that most people want. I've trained people with great abs who have never, ever done an ab workout.

So, again, don't get too hung up on the abdominal exercises, especially the ones you see in magazines that are talking about these 30 minute ab routines. Experts like to waste your time with boring ab routines. It gives them what they want but not what they need. So, don't get hung up on the ab exercises, the crunches and that type of stuff, just focus on getting rid of that body fat and you'll be surprised at how good your abs are even without spending a lot of time on your abs.

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